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Our mission is to provide quality, technical recruiting services that improve our customers business. NuTechs understands that every client has unique business needs and works collaboratively with them to arrive at a positive solution.  We believe our company is an extension of yours.  Often, a candidate’s first impression of you comes from us. Unlike many of the large recruitment or search firms, we genuinely care that we match talented candidates with appropriate employers.  We take the time to get to know your needs, requirements and culture. We only submit someone to you after having personally interviewed them ourselves and having determined there is a good fit.

NuTechs is committed to providing our clients with the most effective candidate placement service possible. All NuTechs candidates must successfully complete a stringent and rigorous screening process before our client even sees a resume.  The goal is to save our clients money and get our candidates employed in the most expedicious way possible. We work closely with our clients to get a deep understanding of what their needs are as well as their company's culture.  Our search is not complete until we all come together and find the perfect match.

Here is a summary of our search and hiring process:
    • Each recruiter utilizes all available resources to find possible candidates for open carrer oppurtunities including referrals from existing employees, existing database of Nutechs' clients, cold calls (DP Locator, Web Book), non-employee referrals, Zip Recruiter, Dice, Michigan Talent Connect, LinkedIn, Internet pages, etc.
    • Conducted over the phone, each candidate is asked a series of questions in order to identify their technical qualifications, level of interest, salary expectations and availability.  When the recruiter is satisfied that a candidate is a good fit for the position, a request is made to move that candidate forward to the next step.
    • Conducted face-to-face, the candidate is asked additional questions to gather detailed information regarding their background, interpersonal skills, communication, degree of professionalism and future goals at this time, in order to ensure that the individual can and will meet NuTechs’ high level of standards.
    • Administration of a comprehensive on-line test, which measures the candidate’s technical strength, and depth of knowledge in a specific skill set.  A specific test will be utilized according to the client’s need.
    • Each candidate is required to provide a minimum of three references. A supervisor is required in order to provide reference from a management standpoint and co-workers will provide reference from a personal standpoint regarding the candidate’s work ethic, teamwork and technical strengths.
    • The candidate’s resume is presented to the client in NuTechs’ standard resume format.
    • When requested, an interview is arranged between the candidate and the clients hiring decision maker(s). At this time, all parties have the opportunity to discuss the responsibilities and expectations of the position or project. A decision is then made to either accept or reject the candidate for the position or project.
    • Upon the client’s acceptance of the candidate, a formal Offer Letter is extended for employment with NuTechs or client. Upon the candidate’s acceptance, a meeting is arranged with NuTechs’ Human Resources in order to complete all necessary new-hire paperwork, including a background check and drug screening.
Below are the different hiring options we offer:

Contract (C) 

  • The Contract option is intended for clients in need of a temporary assistance for an upcoming or existing project.  Contract hires can range anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.
  • Technical staff augmentation services supplement a customer’s existing work force with IT skills tailored to the particular needs of the client’s business.  Staff augmentation enables customers to add or remove employees as needed, helping to avoid extra costs associated with recruiting and hiring new employees with specialized skills.

Direct Hire (DH)

  • This option is geared towards those who are looking to hire immediately.  NuTechs has highly qualified candidates available to fill the niche positions. We offer a flat rate fee for the employment time and percentage plans.
  • Most organizations know that recruiting, especially technical resources, can become a time-consuming, expensive and a long process with many challenges associated. When engaged to procure a candidate for a direct hire position, we make recommendations that can enhance the value of the career and decrease the time of the search.   You have many other responsibilities — our total focus is keeping abreast of an ever evolving marketplace.  We have the technologies, databases, networking intelligence and experienced recruiting personnel to quickly find the right person for your needs.

Contract to Hire (CH)

  • This option is somewhere in the middle. The candidate is initially hired on contract. After the allotted time has elapsed, the employer can choose to hire the candidate full time. This is an opportunity to see if the potential candidate is a good fit for your own mission and team. 
  • Option-to-hire is an alternative staffing solution used to provide low risk, high reward in evaluating a potential full-time employee, (FTE). There are several costs incurred during the trial period for an FTE, but making a bad hire is the most costly. Through our stringent hiring process, NuTechs is successful in selecting only top quality candidates, reducing your over-all costs. This allows you more flexibility in determining if the candidate is a good fit. Clients can realize cost effective hires by utilizing Option-to-Hire scenarios.

Here at NuTechs we take pride in our ability to build a rapport with our clients, and candidates. Allow us conduct the search for you. Our process is customized by you for you. It is designed to fit your needs and quotas as an employer. We take the criteria seriously and will not quit until we find the ideal match. Interested in booking an appointment with us? Feel free to contact us

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