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At NuTechs, our mission is to deliver high-quality technical recruiting services that drive business success for our clients. We recognize that every client has unique business needs, and we work collaboratively with them to find positive solutions. Our company operates as an extension of yours, understanding that a candidate's first impression often comes from us. Unlike many large recruitment firms, we genuinely care about matching talented candidates with suitable employers. We take the time to understand your needs, requirements, and company culture before submitting a candidate. Each candidate undergoes a rigorous screening process to ensure they meet our clients' standards.

Our search and hiring process is comprehensive and thorough. Here's a summary:
    • We utilize various resources, including network referrals and popular recruiting platforms like Dice, Zip Recruiter, LinkedIn, and Michigan Talent Connect.
    • Candidates undergo a thorough phone interview to assess their technical qualifications, interest, salary expectations, and availability.
    • Qualified candidates participate in face-to-face interviews to assess their background, interpersonal skills, professionalism, and future goals.
    • As needed, candidates undergo comprehensive online tests to assess their technical skills and knowledge.
    • Candidates provide references from supervisors and coworkers to validate their work ethic, teamwork, and technical strengths.
    • We present the candidate's resume to the client in our standard format.
    • Candidates meet with the client's hiring decision-makers to discuss the position or project expectations.
    • Upon acceptance, a formal offer letter is extended, and necessary paperwork is completed.

At NuTechs, we understand that every hiring need is unique, which is why we offer a range of flexible hiring options tailored to suit our clients' diverse requirements. Whether you're in need of temporary assistance, looking to hire immediately, or seeking a middle-ground solution, we have you covered.

Contract (C)

Our Contract option is ideal for clients requiring temporary assistance for upcoming or existing projects. With contract hires ranging from 6 months to 2 years, this option provides flexibility and scalability to meet short-term demands. Through technical staff augmentation services, we supplement your existing workforce with IT skills tailored to your specific business needs. This enables you to add or remove employees as needed, without the costs and complexities associated with traditional hiring processes.

Direct Hire (DH)

For clients looking to hire immediately, our Direct Hire option offers access to a pool of highly qualified candidates ready to fill niche positions. With flat-rate fee or percentage plans available, we streamline the hiring process, reducing time-to-fill and minimizing recruitment costs. We leverage our technologies, databases, networking intelligence, and experienced recruiting personnel to quickly identify the right talent for your organization's needs.

Contract to Hire (CH)

Our Contract to Hire option provides a middle-ground solution, allowing clients to initially hire candidates on contract basis. After a designated period, employers have the option to transition the candidate to full-time employment based on their performance and fit within the organization. This option serves as a trial period to evaluate the candidate's compatibility with your mission and team, minimizing risk while offering the opportunity for long-term commitment.

At NuTechs, we believe in providing our clients with cost-effective and efficient hiring solutions. Whether you opt for Contract, Direct Hire, or Contract to Hire, our stringent hiring process ensures that only top-quality candidates are presented to you. With our customized approach, designed to meet your specific needs and quotas as an employer, we are committed to finding the ideal match for your organization.

Interested in learning more about our hiring options and how we can assist you? Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation. Let NuTechs be your partner in building a stronger workforce and achieving your business goals.

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