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Interested in joining us and our mission to help the work force grow stronger? Become a salesperson or a recruiter! Broaden your sales experience in the dynamic IT workspace by calling on some of the top companies in the state. Work along side our recruiting professionals and reach out to talented indiviudlals regarding their future.

Why NuTechs

Our placement process is honest work and helps career seekers find their path. Recruiting is the beginning of building a partnership with candidates. Time is of the essence in the labor force. Properly matching candidates to clients saves us, the candidate and client’s time. We build the bridge between our clients and the opportunities they have to offer. Building a relationship with our candidates makes the placement process smoother. This is why we care about  our candidtes, our success is driven by how well we work together.

Recruiting daily responsibilities

NuTechs provides the new and improved Microsoft Dynamics Database System for our recruiters. Each day we search for candidates relative to the opportunity of highest priority; this usually means our client has a project in need of more hands on deck. If the demanded position is a Software Developer, for example, the first step is to search pre-existing database  of past candidates for a quick match. Then we continue on to one of our trusted candidate recruiting pages (Dice, Zip Recruiter, LinkedIn, or Michigan Talent Connect). We send messages to potential candidates one by one as we see fit. The message begins with a greeting followed by an introduction about NuTechs and what we do. Next is to mention the relevant work experience they wield for our open position. The message concludes with the career description and a closing statement with an interview invitation. 

As a senior recruiter the above process remains constant. Once a candidate responds you can soon bring them in for an interview and discuss what the next step is for them. Our sales team will walk you through what our client expects and the interview process will help you determine if they are a good match or not.

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